FlexaPRISM Dam Advantages and Differentiators

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As previously addressed, flooding in upstate New York along Lake Ontario is an increasing threat to the local community and flooding is poised to wash through many U.S. coastal communities during the rapidly advancing 2019 hurricane season.
Coastal Innovations is committed to providing residents, businesses, and communities with affordable, modern, and state-of-the-art flooding solutions, and we are proud to provide FlexaPRISM Dams as an improved flood-protection product for property and assets.

FlexaPRISM Dams are inflatable water bladders that roll out, connect, and fill with water to provide a single wall of vertical protection to divert water from the desired Protection Zone at almost any length and shape required. FlexaPRISM Dams boast a wide variety of product advantages and differentiators.

FlexaPRISM temporary dam

Effectiveness and Reusability

FlexaPRISM Dams are constructed from marine-grade material that stands up to the toughest weather conditions and are UV and mildew resistant to promote long-lasting product life to provide the same high-quality flood protection deployment after deployment. Dams seal the Protection Zone via a single point of surface contact and a single vertical wall via tremendous pressure created by the water inside, and Dams remain filled with minimal seepage until ready to be emptied. Once flood waters have receded and Dams are emptied, they are dried and rolled up for easy storage until next use.


FlexaPRISM Dams are rapidly deployed with minimal manpower and no heavy machinery. To deploy simply roll out, arrange in position (and connect Dam sections if necessary), pump with air, and fill with water. A 50-foot section with a 30-inch wide base and 27-inch protection height fills in approximately one hour. As the Dams fill, they roughly take the shape of a prism that fits the topography of the installation surface.
In addition, due to FlexaPRISM’s modular sections and patent-pending connection and cornering system, Dams can be extended for almost any required length and positioned along any path, even sharply around tight corners if the path is at least 30-inches in width.

FlexaPRISM temporary dam

Modular Design

FlexaPRISM is produced in various lengths (20-foot and 50-foot sections), heights (27-inch, 48-inch, and 54-inch height protection, when filled), and widths (30-inch, 36-inch, and 60-inch wide base protection, when filled) to ensure a tailored product for specific installation needs. To extend the length and shape of a Dam, simply add the number of required sections to existing Dam.

In addition, Dam sections are connected via patent-pending hose connection system that both allows for the filling of all sections via a single water source and then the sealing of individual chambers once filled.

FlexaPRISM temporary dam


FlexaPrism Dams breakdown as simply and time-efficiently as they deploy. To breakdown, Dams must first be drained via drain valves located on the flood-side that ensure a controlled water release away from the Protection Zone. Once drained, Dams are dried with air, folded/rolled, and stored until its next use. Dams are easily stored in sheds, garages, basements, etc.

Cost Effective

Through innovative manufacturing processes, Coastal Innovations offers its high-performing temporary Dams at a superior price point. Further, FlexaPRISM Dams are reusable time and again for superior water diversion and flood protection.

FlexaPRISM temporary dam


FlexaPRISM Dams are produced in a subtle, clean, eye-catching and residential-friendly marine green. In addition, since deployment and clean-up are so rapid, flood control product is deployed for a minimal amount of time on property.

Get ahead of flooding before it gets ahead of you and contact Coastal Innovations for more information on how we can offer you the best-in-class flood control solutions tailored to your needs.

All Coastal Innovations products are proudly manufactured in the USA.