Flood Protection as a Leasing Model

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Flood Protection as a Leasing Model

As previously explored, erosion and flooding are present-day issues that are becoming increasingly precarious:  sea and water levels continue to rise, while concurrently more people and assets concentrate around large bodies of water at historic highs.  The output of the equation is simple:  more life and property are at greater risk of erosion and flooding than ever before.  One must look no further than a regular collection of news headlines to trace an increasing public consciousness of the perils.

Despite increased risk to life and property, adequate flood protection solutions are often outside of the financial reach of residential homeowners, small business owners, yacht clubs, and marinas.  Even though instituting a comprehensive flood solution makes practical sense, product price points prohibit proactive implementation of an appropriate remedy.

Based on detailed feedback from those customer segments, Coastal Innovations is pleased to offer its best-in-class FlexaPRISM Water Dams for lease.  Temporary flood protection can now be provided for a temporary event or aligned with seasonal flooding events.

As the need for flood protection escalates, Coastal Innovations believes that everyone should be afforded the ability to protect their property and possessions.  Millions of personal residences and small businesses line the shoreline, from the Eastern Seaboard to Lake Ontario to the Mississippi River, and we are dedicated to customizing accessible, innovative, and highly effective flood protection products for those on the front lines.

Coastal Innovations is presently increasing its FlexaPRISM inventory to support an accessible rental model.  To rent, simply contact Coastal Innovations to determine precise sizing and timing of rental to receive the FlexaPRISM Dam System just before you need it.  When your rental period is over, Coastal Innovations will pick up and remove your rental Dam until it is needed again.  On-demand flood protection rental will ensure that you stay dry for an affordable price for the specific length of time you need.

We are proud to be the first flood control solutions provider to offer access to state-of-the-art products on a rental basis.  At Coastal Innovations, we will continue to innovate the best products and the best business practices to ensure that everyone has access to necessary tools to turn back rising waters.  We look forward to keeping you and your property dry, and to customizing the best FlexaPRISM rental option for security and peace of mind.