Lake Ontario Status and 2020 Forecast

As Spring approaches and with it flood season along Lake Ontario, it makes sense to review recent happening and upcoming predictions for peak flood season. WHAT HAPPENED IN 2019? During 2019,  the communities around Lake Ontario experienced unprecedented flooding

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Flood Protection as a Leasing Model

Flood Protection as a Leasing Model As previously explored, erosion and flooding are present-day issues that are becoming increasingly precarious:  sea and water levels continue to rise, while concurrently more people and assets concentrate around large bodies of water

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Types of Flooding

In an earlier article Coastal Innovations discussed the flooding issues currently wreaking havoc on the Lake Ontario shoreline. In this article, Coastal Innovations is taking a step back and taking a broader view on the different types of flooding

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Storm Surge

With hurricane season firmly bearing down upon the United States, it is essential to understand and storm surge, which is the primary danger of hurricane landfalls. What is Storm Surge? According to the National Hurricane Center, storm surge is

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FlexaPRISM Dam Advantages and Differentiators

As previously addressed, flooding in upstate New York along Lake Ontario is an increasing threat to the local community and flooding is poised to wash through many U.S. coastal communities during the rapidly advancing 2019 hurricane season.Coastal Innovations is

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Lake Ontario Flooding

Coastal Innovations, a New York based erosion and flooding control company, is concerned with the current flooding in areas around Lake Ontario, New York. Lake Ontario is presently flooding for the second time in three years, so it is

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Coastal Erosion

Sea and water levels have been rising for the past 100-years, and the rate has increased in recent decades. In 2014, global sea level was 2.6 inches above the 1993 average – the highest annual average in the satellite

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